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  • It wasn t like she was the brainiest in the class, although she was in the top ten percent.
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    He'd nearly died thinking he was saving Jaden's life, only to be led into a trap. Down on her knees before him, savoring the life giving 299 Lietha Wards nectar.
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  • It seemed like an eternity before she was actually standing on top of the stone wall looking for a way down. She wanted to know why Tanya was so angry with her and Lucas.
  • My mother was a kitchen maid here at Theydon, Will said.
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  • Greta left her plate on the counter and, without a word, followed after her.
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    He knew it was his fault, and to tell her about it without admitting it was difficult. You d better watch out or she ll strike you.
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  • I don t want to hear this thing spread around town. Our parents used to say that they d end up together and so they did.
  • The small amount of confidence that his attention gave her, left quickly. Megan blinked and turned back to her new friend, aware that as soon as she returned to the future, this lovely woman standing before her would have passed away.
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  • But he did know that Megan instigated it, and he also knew that this irritated the tall man who someone called Charles. Elsa, he sighed, I already had to pull a reporter off of you.
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    She turned and picked the blanket up off the floor.
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