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  • You deserve someone who knows how to treat a woman with respect.
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  • She relished it, and never wanted anything more in her life than that moment not to end.
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  • Myself, if you were to plead with me so; if I was knuckle-deep and two-fingers wide inside of you; if I was faced with the sweet prospect of taking you deeply, shoving through that little maidenhead of yours like a spear through linen . Then she felt a warmth in the pit of her stomach.
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  • He sent these for you, Jason handed her a gift box and an envelope. She just smiled wider, You are very agitated, let me help 64 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story you relax.
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  • She couldn t tell them that she came to the past with him, nor could she explain how dangerous it was for her and Ted to be in the same house together. You can t compare those men to the men you re used to.
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    Ted stood up seeing the words sting Elsa and register on her expression, I ve think you ve said enough. I was going to ask you to the Homecoming dance, but Ben said you didn t know me so he would give you the note and tell you who I was so you d know who was asking you to the dance.
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  • She came back into view while pulling an old t-shirt over her head, and he got a glimpse of delicate pink panties, the skin of her narrow waist, flat stomach, and her flawless long legs.
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  • She was so focused on the reason, to find the cross, that she didn t know what had hit her. Maybe it was one of those parties Linda dragged her to and drank too much.
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